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BridgeNet Solutions Powered by Xonar, specializes in data analytics relative to transportation. Xonar is our cloud based data warehouse that enables real time analytics and benchmarking allowing companies to easily manage complex global supply chains.


Xonar’s capabilities span across all modes of transportation; Full Truckload, Less than Truckload, Ocean Freight, Air Freight, Intermodal, Parcel and Courier. BridgeNet’s clients rely on accurate data and modeling from Xonar to drive business decisions and outcomes.

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Understanding you freight spend tough. Here's what we can do for you.

Cost Control

Control and reduce costs through data analytics, market intelligence, and cutting-edge technology

Expense Analysis

Gain a complete understanding of your total supply chain expense


View your entire logistics network 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world


Monitor every shipment in your supply chain, regardless of mode or location


Benchmark entire modes and individual lanes

Network Optimization

Make optimal network configurations based on best practices

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Our Solutions

Xonar Dashboard

Xonar, BridgeNet’s cloud based data warehouse that enables real time analytics and benchmarking allowing companies to easily manage complex global supply chains.


Categorize any given customer based on market vertical, geographical characteristics, or commodity makeup and to compare them to all similar customers in our database.

Compliance Tracking

Initiate a best cost routing guide, analyze total expense to identify locations out of compliance, create an action plan, then institute operational changes to maximize compliance.

Trend Analysis

Improve your forecasting by breaking down your business spend by mode/region and view your spend year-over-year. This analysis will allow you to better predict your future spend.


Get insight into freight cost per unit shipped, outbound freight costs as a percentage of net sales, and a host of other metrics that will provide complete visibility into your business.

Predictive Analytics

Utilizing machine learning and proprietary tools of big data aggregation, BridgeNet is able to run predictive models to assist with the forecasting across a large set of supply chain problems.

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